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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the price?

The system is provided in SaaS mode, so you can pay fixed mohthly fee, that will be calculated individually depending on the quantity of modules you use. We do not change the price considering the number of bookings, made by your system.

2) What kind of travel company can use this solution?

Our solution is mainly created for any kind of travel agents and tour operators.
I. Online travel agent
II. Offline travel agent
III. Tour operators
IV. B2b travel agencies

3) How much time is required to setup a system for my company?

Fineway is a readymade solution. Our team will setup the system for your company in 2 to 3 business days. Depending on your requirements (special features, synchronization set up, etc. ) the setup time may change to 1 week. Our team will send you a project plan according to your requirements.

4) Can we get the system customized?

Yes, you may choose the modules you need.

5) Can i maintain credit limit for my b2b clients?

Yes, you can easily maintain credit limit for any b2b client or corporate customer.

6) How can i track the visitors on my site?

We enable the google analytics program on your site, so you can easily track visitors and page wise performance of your site.

7) I need a special report for my company, how can i get it generated?

If you require some customization in a report or a new report, you can simply get in touch with our sales department, and they would be assist you with the demand.

8) What kind of support will be provided?

Depending on the contract we may provide day time or 24x7 support to our clients. It is also dependent on the working hours of your company and the location.